FYI to ALL and especially for the lovely ladies trying to tackle harassment in Egypt with Social Psychology…. Here is some food for thought :)

This Sexual Harassment PSA Shows You What Egyptian Women Live With Every Day

Follow the hyperlinks to find resources about various initiatives within Egypt that have been done to try to combat sexual harassment.

Take a look at this PSA created by UN Women. Even from the title you can tell which strategy towards attitude change, “Put Yourself in Her Shoes”….. Do I even need to elaborate???

How successful do you think this PSA is? What routes is it taking? Take a look at some of the comments as well.

The below video is also AMAZING. Apparently this aired on TV but I had no idea of its existence to be honest. Its a show called Awel el Kheit, the beginning of the thread. They talk to young men about harassment, and oh my, LISTEN TO THEIR RESPONSES. Think about theories of and kinds of aggression, how it started what sustains it and maintains it…

Also, there is an awesome tactic used, the woman being harassed is…… SURPRISE!  You will have to watch to find out.

I have my own theories on how sexual harassment has not been adequately addressed by NGO’s, popular youth movements, and other “invested” parties, but I would LOVE to know what you all think. Since its out in the open and being talked about and there are so many trials to MAKE IT STOP, why hasn’t it even dwindled? In fact, many people see that the opposite has happened and that it has INCREASED.


Waiting to hear what you think… as always 🙂