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“If You’ve Ever Felt Not Quite Good Enough, You Might Appreciate This”

“Some would argue that comparing ourselves to others drives us to innovate and break barriers. But at what cost?
Balance is essential. Finding ways to tip the scales of our lives toward fulfillment may help us see the world in a way that also drives us to innovate and break barriers.”


3 responses to ““If You’ve Ever Felt Not Quite Good Enough, You Might Appreciate This”

  1. marabm712

    This is just so expressive! I LOVE it!
    It is really hard for us not to compare ourselves with others around us, when (as the cartoon said) we are taught to compare ourselves to others since we were born! I always try to get myself out of this comparison, sometimes I succeed, and sometimes I fail… But when I succeed in it, it feels really good :)!
    I loved how in the cartoon, the artist drew it as a “self-worth meter” that decreases each time we compare ourselves to others. It is quite real! That is what really happen to our self-worth and self-esteem….

  2. marabm712

    Reblogged this on Mariam's Blog and commented:
    So TRUE!

  3. Noha E. Fikry ⋅

    This is really one of the biggest issues in my life… Because we are socialized to compare ourselves to others, it consequently becomes a second nature and you just do it automatically which at all shouldn’t be the case.. It is a life dilemma to many people really and we need some good education on that! Actually, this is a GREAT idea for an attitude analysis project and if I can go back in time, I would so do this…

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