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George Zimmerman charged with felony after allegedly pointing gun at girlfriend

George Zimmerman charged with felony after allegedly pointing gun at girlfriend

Don’t know where to start to be honest….. 

Kills Trayvon, goes free. Points a gun at his girlfriend, goes to jail. SO MANY THINGS to discuss on WEdnesday about this! 


7 responses to “George Zimmerman charged with felony after allegedly pointing gun at girlfriend

  1. ayaattwa

    Someone should have noticed something was wrong with him when he KILLED a teenage boy!! HIs own wife did but no one listened to her… This is just awful to hear

  2. I think the fact that he pointed a gun at his girlfriend isn’t enough to keep him in jail since he wasn’t arrested for murder why would i believe he will be arrested this time. however i believe that this time will be different because it will open up things from the past such as the murder, his ex wife’s testimony and the 2 tickets he received this year. Also the fact that his attorney no longer represents him will make people question his innocence regarding both cases. I hope he pays for what he did this time and i hope the jury regret letting him go the first time.

  3. nohafarid

    This obviously shows how psychotic he is. I really don’t get it does he feel like shooting anyone who gets on his nerves or looks “suspicious” to him? I also don’t get the US government and jury do they put people in jail for pointing a gun at a person but not for killing him/her? They are such hypocrites. I really hope he spends the rest of his life in jail for killing the innocent kid, not just for point a gun at his girlfriend. Or maybe goes to a psychiatrist to check what exactly is wrong with him.

  4. I completely agree with Farah. I think that this arrest will open many doors because the jury will start connecting the dots between all incidents and his misuse of the gun and his position as neighborhood guard. To answer a few questions raised in the previous comments about why he got arrested THIS time and may go to jail but not getting sentenced for the murder incident is probably because his girlfriend is white. I hate to say this but we all know that he got away with it the first time because of racism. The jury would obviously side with the white (hispanic in this case) and not the African American. Now this time, if she is indeed white, they are both of equal power in court.

  5. marabm712

    This shows sometimes how it is likely to judge by a double standard according to what we “feel” and what we “think”, even unconsciously, about something… Because the idea of racism is deeply believed by most people in the American society, even though they try to show and believe otherwise on the outside, Zimmerman was not even arrested when he killed a dark-skinned teenage boy who absolutely did nothing to be killed for (except that he was perceived to be ‘dangerous’ by Zimmerman because he is ‘dark-skinned’). While here, by just pointing a gun at his girlfriend, he is charged of felony… So why there was no charge filed against him when he ACTUALLY KILLED a young man out of no where?! Double standards…

  6. I totally agree with Noha woowww.. Its really strange how that guy got away with killing an innocent young boy, but when he points a gun at his fiancé he goes to jail !! I really don’t see the logic, that man has been in trouble so many times, how did the people and the police not realise that something was wrong with him? He has issues that needed to be resolved from the first place. I am glad that he is in jail, but at the same time he should have been in Jail ever since he killed the innocent young boy.

  7. this is actually shocking and annoying!!!! that he gets away with killing an innocent man just because the guy was “black” and zimmerman justified himself easily because he’s white, and now he goes to jail just because he pointed a gun at his gf this is just so annoying and unfair to hear !! and he is just a psychotic that thinks he can just shoots anyone that annoys him !!!

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