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Respect Women; Change your Attitude…

Interesting article thanks Norhen! What do you guys think?

Social Psych Fun! πŸ™‚

Read how a man changed his attitude towards offending women and calling them β€œcrazy” after knowing how it makes women feel, what it means, and how he actually meant it.

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2 responses to “Respect Women; Change your Attitude…

  1. marabm712

    I so much agree that we usually say words to other people that we don’t fully mean, because of some implicit attitudes we have, and these words have a strong impact on them… I wish I can take care of my words and how I use them with others, so as not to hurt them without even noticing it… πŸ™‚

  2. Noha E. Fikry ⋅

    Again, men are socialized to believe that they are the most powerful and the ones in control and they do act upon it. They are taught that whenever you get stuck in an argument with a woman, get her in the defense mode by telling her you are crazy!
    It is also very important to note how the word “fat” was in the list for men’s manipulating women. What is wrong with being fat? Even different body images are used to get women to defense themselves!! Quantifying women is a Big issue.
    Also, how the word hysteria was derived is really tragic, I think it can be somehow seen as a form of subtle sexism because you essentially say that a woman’s biological characteristics define some psychological ones, which is definitely not always the case, like when girls get angry or depressed whenever they have their period and all people blame it on “hormones”! Like saying this is how you are naturally.
    It is very obvious in the article that some men get away with every argument they have with women by essentializing; they just attribute certain characteristics to them that definitely abide by all the gender roles. These men just ignore the core of the argument and keep externally justifying everything to women’s lack of rationale or whatever.
    A question that needs to be posed here is what if it was the other way round? Women telling men that they are fat or crazy or overreacting; will men feel offended or defend themselves? Or may be another kind of comments should be said that abide by gender roles; like for example telling them you aren’t masculine enough or strong enough? Will this technique have the same effect on men as it has on women??!

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