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Teen Seeking Help After Car Accident Rang Doorbell, Was Shot In The Head

Teen Seeking Help After Car Accident Rang Doorbell, Was Shot In The Head


4 responses to “Teen Seeking Help After Car Accident Rang Doorbell, Was Shot In The Head

  1. Mona

    How could people who believe in a just world do so with these terrible events happening to such people for whatever unjust reason ?!! a one may think or grow up believing that he/she is bad because they are black while those who faced those incidents were OBVIOUSLY innocent people. On the other hand, people having these attitudes are affecting others who might have not ever think of black people as bad ones and should be killed !
    Recently I have met a girl who does not like to watch movies that have black people and I honestly asked her what if you know that some people do not like to talk with you because you are veiled …

  2. marabm712

    This is becoming horrifying in the US… And WHY?! Because she had dark skin color?!!!! Or because she rang the doorbell?!!! Valid enough reasons?!! I don’t think so… Automatic thinking at work? YES! Whether the shooter thought she was a thief, or because he had the idea that she is “black”, so she is “dangerous”, he was depending totally on his automatic thinking, without stoping to think consciously for a moment that whoever is ringing the doorbell might need help…

  3. I am shocked, why would someone shoot a person that just rang the doorbell he could have at least closed the door quickly and called 911 instantly if he was really just scared. The wound was to the back of her head, How could he shoot her when she was leaving the porch (where is the part were he was scared “SHE WAS LEAVING” there was no danger. This was based on his automatic thinking, there was no consciousness in the whole thing, because it just makes no sense. This is unfair and sad “He killed her and he’s out of jail? Wow.” Spinks told Fox 2. “If somebody knocked on my door and I pulled my shotgun out and shot them as they were walking away instead of asking what was the problem?(sic) Would I be here? No. I’d be in jail.”

  4. hanahafiz

    I am so shocked. Automatic thinking can be so dangerous, if he had used controlled thinking instead that girl could have still been alive. Plus she was leaving anyway, so why couldn’t he just let her go? Because even if he found her suspicious, she shouldn’t have acted on it, but let the police handle it. But someone really needs do something about this, it’s happened so many times already and if no one puts an end to it it’s going to keep on happening.

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