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Including Men in Parental Leave Policies

And again, what we talked about last week!

Bluestockings Magazine

Every so often, when I bring up maternity leave and discuss the U.S.’s miserly policies, someone poses a question that fills me with rage: ‘If the U.S. where to guarantee a longer and paid maternity leave to all women, wouldn’t that make employers more likely to discriminate when hiring? What employer would hire a woman, if he knew she had the right to take time off if she decided to have a baby?’ When I get asked this question I don’t get angry with the person asking, I get angry at our system for making women have to choose so often between career and family. I’m frustrated that the good of the company is given more importance than the good of mothers and their children; money is valued above all else. However, I felt like a shitty feminist when I realized that in all my indignation I had forgotten the other half…

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2 responses to “Including Men in Parental Leave Policies

  1. marabm712

    Interesting :)!
    I so much liked these 2 sentences from the post:
    “Interestingly, divorce rates have decreased and joint custody has increased. Perhaps this is because, in sharing roles that used to be traditionally bound, couples come to understand and respect each other’s daily lives more through equal parenting.”
    Hopeful to hear that about Sweden 🙂 One day we might hear it about Egypt?!

  2. “Before 1995, the percentage of fathers taking paternity leave was just 6%. Today 85% of the men in Sweden take paternity leave.” We need to introduce this in Egypt so it wouldn’t be only the mother’s role to care for the baby. fathers could be a part of it too. they both should share those great moments.

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