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Healthcare Is Not ‘One Size Fits All’

Exactly what we were JUST talking about! Just so you know how cutting edge our class discussion are 😉

During the attitude week we are going to discuss the breast cancer awareness campaigns and how gendered they are. Get ready!

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One of the several shortcomings of breast cancer awareness and pinkwashing, discounting fetishization and objectification, is that it routinely excludes men and trans* individuals from “awareness” discourse. While it’s considered incredibly rare, males are still susceptible to breast cancer and account for 1% of cases per year, though their likelihood of developing the disease is about one in one-thousand during their lifetime.

Breast cancer is formed from abnormal cell growth in the breast tissue. As women develop, their breast tissue undergoes complex changes that allow them to produce milk. Since men have non-functioning breast tissue and don’t experience the rapid growth process, the cells are less likely to produce cancerous mutations.

Of course, we’re not marketing shirts that say, “Save the Moobs,” and in the overarching scheme of things, it makes logistical sense that men and individuals who identify as men are not the target demographic for breast cancer awareness, but the adverse…

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2 responses to “Healthcare Is Not ‘One Size Fits All’

  1. marabm712

    Before we discussed this topic in class, I haven’t thought about it… But while we were discussing, I was like, “why not it can come to men as well?”

  2. i honestly never thought about it before, but it does make sense that men could also get it.

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