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Halloween makes me sick: Part 1

Ok, in honor of the long held tradition of totally ruining holidays, here is my first and very short rant about halloween. Forgive me its been a long day, I am sure post #2 will be as full of contempt and Debbie Downer moments as is usually expected of me.

Halloween doesn’t make me sick because I OD on candy.


Somehow my stomach prepares for that day in October, on its own, even in Egypt where I obviously don’t go trick or treating. PS you’re never too old to go trick or treating FYI.

Halloween doesn’t make me sick because of severed fingers, fake blood, or all of the other gory scary things. Click on the link at your own risk! 🙂

THIS is what makes me sick.

Are you feeling sick yet?

Have you read the comments?

Ok….. sick yet????????


5 responses to “Halloween makes me sick: Part 1

  1. marabm712

    This is so sad!!! Isn’t it enough that the young man was shot without any evidence he was “dangerous”?! Now making fun of him on Halloween?! Really?!! What happened to humanity???!!!!!! 😥

  2. Noha Ezz El-Din Fikry ⋅

    I am really shocked! Is this really something to make fun of? Are these people aware of how silly they are, really?! This is a serious issue and a serious scandal everyone should be ashamed of….
    I really have no proper explanation for this, at all. The only thing I can think of now is desensitization; people no longer feel how big the issue is (or maybe never did anyway!). They just think it is normal now and it is okay to make fun of. They view it as an identity marker; something they could use to say who they are and to even use for celebrations! Death is being celebrated now, in the most horrifying ways. Again, if you think the case is silly just stay silent!! Why on earth make fun of such thing anyway, I can’t find any LOGICAL reason! I hate how people get so cruel and hate more how they justify their cruelty with the silliest of justifications… And yes, people who commented saying it is “hilarious”…. Elaborate? And the thing is, there seems to be a consensus there that the picture is good… Nobody talked about how the idea shouldn’t be made fun of which is even more tragic! I never expected seeing something like that at all!

  3. It is sad to see that people are making fun of something that should be thought of so seriously.. maybe they don’t get the whole story and that is why it is something funny to them, because if they understand what actually happened then they wouldn’t be laughing.. about the girl in the middle it is very obvious that she is Robin Hood (from the hat, the colour green, and the belt), but I don’t know why the boy asked in one comment about what was her costume? it is as if the boy has a schema that all girls on halloween wear dresses or outfits in general that makes them look like naughty girls in his opinion.

    • Seriously? The poor victim of racism is now turned into a costume??!! How sad! Those idiots wouldn’t think it’s funny if it was a white boy who died or their relative. So much for putting yourself in others’ shoes 😔

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