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Good question Sara! What do you guys think?


2 responses to “Good question Sara! What do you guys think?

  1. The question is how could they generalize and say that Middle East and the African region did’t for the past year? How can they tell? I don’t understand as well how they measured it? I personally think that the institutions in egypt that support women for example UN women were doing a lot after the revolution so there must be progress somehow. Maybe there is progress in some countries but not significant change, but we can’t say in my opinion that there hasn’t been any change at all in the gap between men and women.

  2. marabm712

    It is a good thing that since “the WEF began compiling the index in 2006, 80% of countries had made progress” in gender equality. It at least gives hope that the less advanced, developing countries can learn from the countries which made progress and move up the ladder.

    However, it’s a bad thing to know that still “20% of countries have made no progress or are falling behind.” And those countries are countries of the Middle East and North Africa… It’s sad…
    Hopefully, women will be treated equally to men in our countries, if enough government and legal measures are implemented and enforced into being…

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