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The Power of Outrospection: Main Takeaways Are……?

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2 responses to “The Power of Outrospection: Main Takeaways Are……?

  1. marabm712

    I really loved the animation very much.
    Indeed, empathy can change the way we see other people, as well as the way we see ourselves, in the sense that we are all human beings.
    When we are empathetic toward the other, we know how much we all feel the same feelings at different times and how we all live in a messed up world. If we want to work for making this world a better place for the coming generations, we need to “outrospect” and feel empathy towards one another, one to one, and nation to nation. I especially loved that part when a program was done for Palestinians and Israelis families who lost loved ones to talk together and know that they share the same pain and same feelings… At the end, they are both human beings, no matter what their race, ethnicity, or religion is!

  2. sarazaky

    My favorite part here is when he talks about cognitive empathy. Which is about perspective taking and stepping into somebody else’s world. Understanding somebody else’s worldview, their beliefs, their fears, the experience that shape how they look at the world and how they look at themselves. Because I believe that with a growth mindset we’ll start adopting a social comparison theory in socially tuning to what we now observe in others. I’ve always dreamed of going around the world to unique places with exotic cultures to observe and learn how those people are holding up to life, and so, in return they can influence my own worldview in a way or another. And now it feels good to be able to express that wish with psychological terms.

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