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An example of Social Psychological Experiment.

A week ago Sabrine shared one of the experiments we watch in the Zimbardo video. Its one of my favorites 🙂 Take a look at this clip!

Considered as one of the first experiments made in Social Psychology, it aimed to show how individuals are susceptible to social influence and ensure group conformity by acting in accordance.

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3 responses to “An example of Social Psychological Experiment.

  1. Social influence is very powerful and it can have a huge impact on us. In real life and in a much more complex situation, I would conform to the group’s view but privately I reject them. I guess its because I was afraid of being different or being wrong. However, I think the more I grew up, the less likely I needed reassurance from others and I wasn’t afraid of being different.

  2. i like this experiment too. i think it is very relevant to what is happening nowadays in Egypt. i dont want to talk politics, but really a person can have a different political view; however he or she is too afraid to speak up! (just to avoid being different)
    the problem is that these unspoken people think that they are the minority, but in fact sometimes they are the silent majority. Yet, because the opposite group is so loud, they on the other hand seem small.
    therefore, i believe that despite your opinion (whether right or wrong) you should express it, maybe you are representing the majority or other silence opinions.

  3. social influence plays a huge role in how we act and behave and even think sometimes . The experiment is actually funny because it reminded me of myself ,i usually know what is right but then if someone around me says something else i go like uhmmmmm yes I think they are right ,and i end up feeling dumb . Yes ,we go with the crowd sometimes even if we dont believe what they are saying ,just like the experiment shows.

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