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10 Psychological Experiments That Went Horribly Wrong

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This is a GREAT link! Thanks Rana!

Rana M. Psych Blog

10 Psychological Experiments That Went Horribly Wrong

I think this link is very related to today’s class. I was saving it in my favorites and i thought of sharing it with the class. : )

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4 responses to “10 Psychological Experiments That Went Horribly Wrong

  1. This is really bad:( Psychologist shouldn’t be willing to risk the lives of others. They should have a moral responsibility to protect their participants from any harm.

  2. Mona

    Are these experiments really worth it? Is their motive to establish new theory or claim to prove something more important than people’s lives or even animals’. This is too bad and I see it unethical and I think whatever monetary compensation they would give those people would not compensate for their actual loss.

  3. nohaezz ⋅

    I really agree with Mona; I mean to what extent we have to compromise our ethics for the sake of knowing something new or gaining some knowledge. Really, I would rather stay ignorant than choosing to mess up any person’s life in any way. A person’s life and well-being should be, in my view, the first priority over any kind of knowledge. After the possibly 10 minute surprise by the findings of the Milgram or the Stanford experiments’ findings, do any of the traumatized or psychologically affected participants feel better? Does your surprise equate the amount of psychological illness that the participants experienced? I don’t think it did at all.
    It is pretty obvious that at that time, psychologists were so knowledge-driven and took the word “subjects” too literally. They really treated their participants as mere subjects that they are free to control, manipulate, affect, and traumatize without any sense of guilt or control. I understand that ethical knowledge wasn’t very prevalent at that time but really it needs no knowledge to abstain from killing a person or traumatizing him!
    A last point that I need to state; is research now “too ethical”? Aren’t really any unethical researches out there now? There might still be some unethical studies or experiments nowadays but it’s either we don’t know them for they might be hidden somehow or maybe they aren’t there. Are we really abiding by the ethics rules and all that or are we manipulating them in any way or are these rules just there to satisfy our desires to “look” ethical.

  4. sabrinek

    How can some experiments be so unethical and so inhumane and crual!

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