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Introducing Social Psychology Ch 1

Chapter 1 takeaways. AND my amazing artwork.

Chapter 1 takeaways. AND my amazing artwork.

Here are some of the things we talked about in class today. This about what all of this has to do with the power of social influence. Why are these issues ones that Social Psychology could address and learn lessons from? ENJOY!

1. Toys R Us and the end of gendered marketing of toys. Yaaaay! The name of the campaign is quite amazing, “Let Toys Be Toys”. What difference do you think this will make to children and parents? What kind of strategies do you think this campaign group used to create CHANGE?

Toys ‘R’ Us U.K. Agrees To End Gender Marketing In Response To ‘Let Toys Be Toys’ Campaign
***Check out the photos at the bottom of the article. I absolutely loved, and still love, Legos.

Toys R Us agree to drop sexist labelling of girls’ and boys’ toys after mounting pressure from campaign group

2. The sad finding that we , unfortunately, have THE WORST primary education system EVER. While yes, this is quite disheartening, I want us to also look at the METHODOLOGY that they used and their system of evaluating educational systems. Does it sound right? Does the methodology seem sound and fair? Do we really have THE WORST primary education system in the existence of primary education? How can these findings be related to SOCIAL CHANGE and educational reform? Food for thought…

Egypt’s primary education ranks last in Global Competitiveness report

3. To return to my utter abhorrence of the word “terrorist”, stereotyping and 9/11, and thankfully the beautiful fact that some people put the time and the effort to NOT blanketly stereotype. This is also a good example of a “field experiment”. Who speaks against the prejudiced speech and behavior? Who agrees with it? Why do you think each individual had their specific reactions? Why is the Upworthy post focusing on the fact that the AMerican soldier spoke out against prejudice? I just love this video and the people in it.

A Boy Makes Anti-Muslim Comments In Front Of An American Soldier. The Soldier’s Reply: Priceless.

4. Last but definitely NOT least, here is Debbie Downer. She is hilarious and it is a great Saturday Night Live skit. Its so funny, they couldn’t even keep a straight face during the skit… check it out. It has even reached “Urban Dictionary” status! AMAZING!


4 responses to “Introducing Social Psychology Ch 1

  1. Mariam Boutros ⋅

    1. I’m totally for the idea that toys shouldn’t be labelled as girls’ toys or boys’ toys… I wish this convention disappears from the Egyptian society. I think it is very hard for the Egyptians to adopt a campaign like the “Let Toys Be Toys” campaign, as Arabs has this differentiation between men and women deepened down in their characters, and this is strengthened even more by our patriarchal culture and traditions. This is especially true when a boy plays with a doll for example: It is like a disaster!
    I think a campaign like “Let Toys be Toys” will have a good effect on the children, if adopted by the parents, as it will not limit the children’s choice of toys, and therefore will not limit their imagination and creativity. Their personal interest in choosing whatever toy they like to play with should be respected.
    This is a video that was in the article, featuring Goldie Blox, a brand that produce “engineering toys for girls”, introduced into Toys R Us. It is cute =)!
    P.S. I used to love LEGO too =)!

  2. Mariam Boutros ⋅

    2. It is very sad to read that our primary education system ranks 100 out of 148, according to The Global Competitiveness Report 2013 – 2014 of the World Economic Forum. However, I’m not sure of the methodology they used to get these results, but obviously, it is purely linked to the economical and political situations of the country.
    I think that if we want to REALLY CHANGE Egypt, we must not only decrease the illiteracy rates by educating the people, but also by improving the quality and material of education, especially the one in governmental schools which are the schools that most of the Egyptian population go to.

    3. I really hate how we sometimes make stereotypes of people beacuse of what they wear or the way they talk, or like the boy in this video, based on religion.
    I was amazed at the reaction and word of the American soldier in the video. How he was courageous and bold enough to defend the cashier against the prejudice that was acted upon him by that customer in the diner. This just gives hope to humanity =’)!

    4. It was the first time for me to see Debbie Downer, and yes, so funny =D!

  3. I never saw Debbie Downer before ,she is hillarious. About toys R us , it is annoying that we set standards and rules for children at such a young age . They shouldn’t be told what to play with and what not ,it’s their choice . EGYPT , i still can’t believe we came last ,so dissapointing 😦 .

  4. i really really liked the video about the boy who making anti-muslim comments. That was impressive, i couldn’t thought that Americans would fight back (sorry for the stereotype). And the comment of this soldier was really unexpected! i mean, he is part of a system that generates this hatred about Muslims and Islam to not only Americans , but also the whole world. I couldn’t hate a word as much as terrorist. This video taught me that my expectations of other people’s reactions is so wrong. And i think that this what social psychology is trying to say. the power of the situation can highlight a different angle of oneself. And despite the fact that most of the American media is trying to implement the idea of muslims as terrorists, there are other social influences that impacts people’s thoughts, for example the idea of equality and social justice which is part of the American culture.
    Also, what i liked about the last comment of the soldier is that he mentioned that he fights for the muslim man because not only he is an American, but also he is a human being.

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