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I still spell definately wrong. See! Definitely beautiful.



6 responses to “What Teachers Make

  1. Mona ⋅

    I am touched ! I do appreciate my teachers very much for the change they do for me .. honestly not all of them do 😀

  2. Hana Abdel-Hafiz ⋅

    I think this is so great, and its very accurate! I have personally always thought that the best thing someone could do is to either become a doctor or a teacher. Doctors help save lives and teachers educate and prepare children for the future.

  3. Rana Reda Kamel ⋅

    In my opinion, all professions are important, and that they all complement each other in a way or another. I think that being a teacher is very hard because it entails certain skills and it is not at all an easy task, but also other professions entail certain skills that some peole have more that others. Some people think that their profession is more important than that of others, and I think that was part of what the dialogue was trying to convey to us, but again I believe that this is not right. People should be proud of their profession, but at the same time understand and appriciate what others do. In conclusion people should not undermine the profession of others.

    • The “dialogue” or my blog post was not intended to denigrate other forms of work of course. One does not have to say something else is unimportant to emphasize the importance of something else. For me it’s important that my students know where I come from in terms of teaching and learning because it directly impacts their experience. I am curious as to your reaction to the post and would live to hear more of how you perceived it 🙂

  4. Mariam ramadan ⋅

    To me, my teachers are ones of the most of the important persons in my life.
    They help me understand life, they were always a part of my growing and they are my guidance as well. No matter how they do it, they always find a way to make us satisfied with our grade and that’s a kind of learning as well, we learn to accept what we have and love it !

  5. Mariam Boutros ⋅

    I still remember the first teacher I had in kindergarten and how I used to love her =)!
    I was blessed by some excellent teachers during primary school, and during my high school years in the IGCSE system =)
    And when I entered college, I can name the professors that impacted my life and contributed to me being the one who I am now… Two qualities that they all had in common was their humility regardless of the high positions they were in, and their love for the field they teach =) Two qualities that made them UNIQUE =)! I can’t be more grateful to my teachers: The ones who had influenced my life through their way of teaching and awesome character =)!

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